I Gotta Get to Work

From "Ranch Hands From Outer Space"

I gotta, gotta, gotta get to work, there's a lotta, lotta, lot of work to do
And not- a, not-a, not a lot of time but I'll keep on working till my work is through!
I gotta mend the fences, pull out weeds, give my horse the food it needs
Clear the brush and paint the wall, then sweep out the horses' stall
Take the trash out, sweep the floor, then put up the new barn door
Water plants and mow the lawn, at this rate, I'll work till dawn!
(Repeat Chorus)
I gotta trim the hedges, clean my room, find the mop and fix the broom
Build a wall, pick up the leaves, wash the mud stains off my sleeves
Cook my dinner, eat it, too, fix the big hole in my shoe
Sure would love to have some fun, but a rancher's work is never done!
(Repeat Chorus)