Gotta Dash

From "Escape from Fairytale Village"

Hey, guy, why so shy? You ran away when I tried to say "Hi"
I'll make lunch if you care to stop, so don't hide behind that lollipop
Gee, sorry, gotta say no, gotta run right now, gotta run, gotta go
Hey, guy, why so shy? We'll have a meal if you stop by
My kitchen's warm and comfy, too, I've got a big kettle on just for you
Gee, sorry, hate to be rude, you can heat that kettle for some other dude
Hey, guy, why so shy? You just might like it if you give it a try
So take a chance and stop and stay instead of hiding out and running away
She really wants to eat me, I've got to get away
I really need some company to share my lunch today
I don't want to get cooked in onions, broth and butter
Maybe she won't see me if I hide behind this shutter
Hey guy, my oh my! You're not up for lunch and I don't see why
What does a nice witch have to do to spend some time hanging out with you?
Gee, sorry, I've gotta dash, before you make a meal of me! I'm off in a flash!
Gotta go, gotta run, gotta split, gotta scoot, gotta dash! Gotta dash! Gotta dash!