Why Does Everyone Want to Eat Me?

From "Escape from Fairytale Village"

I've gotta go, I've gotta fly, later, ta-ta, see you, bye-bye!
I'll make a feast
I'll huff and puff
I'm moving on, I've had enough, it's been swell and it's been great but you won't get me on your plate
I'm glad you're pleased to meet me but this is no way to greet me
Why, why on why...does everyone want to eat me?
Oh, please don't go, why can't you stay?
One hour more, don't go away
Don't travel west or to the east
Just stay right here and join our feast
It's been grand and it's been real, but I will not be your next meal
I can't let them defeat me, swindle, trick or cheat me
Why, why oh why...does everyone want to eat me?
A paper boy should never leave till he's emptied out his sack
They're right, I know, but I've gotta go and I'm never coming back
Hey there, don't go, don't run, just sit!
I'm through, I'm done, enough, that's it!
Oh no, he's gone, he's quick, he's fast!
I'm out, I'm safe, I'm free at last! It was fun, a hoot, a ball, but I must go...oh no, a wall!
I'm trapped and so they beat me, what an awful way to treat me
Why, why oh why...does everyone eat me?