Oh My!

From "Ranch Hands from Outer Space"
Oh my, oh my!
Oh my, oh my...
That's quite a sight, that's quite a sight, oh my, oh my!
Oh my, oh my...
But something about it just ain't quite right!
This is not what I had in mind, I wanted orange, but not that kind
I appreciate your work for sure, but you got to do some more
Maybe a different fruit?
Ahhh! (Repeat Chorus)
But still there is something that's not quite right!
You changed that fast, I will admit, but this new look still ain't quite it
Could you give it one more shot? And give it all you've got
So, no to banana...
I know what!
We'll get to work and change it
We'll set this whole thing straight
We'll make it into something we know you'll think is great
It's everybody's favorite, no matter where they're from
And plus, it goes just perfect with a plateful of zum-zum!
(Repeat Chorus)
But still not right, it's still not right, it still just not quite right!