You`re in Fairytale Village

From "Escape from Fairytale Village"

Our little village is picturesque, our little village is neat
Our little village is famous for all the famous folks you'll meet
The folks from all those fairytales, they have to live somewhere
If you wonder where that somewhere is...wonder no more, you're there
You're in Fairytale Village! You're in a special spot
I'm in Fairytale Village!
Check out the stuff we've got...
Our little village has princesses, our little village has kings
Our little village has magic beans and a golden harp that sings
There's magic here in every house and dragons in our ponds
And gooses laying golden eggs...and wizards waving wands
You're in Fairytale Village! You're in a friendly town
You're in Fairytale Village! Take time to look a-round...
Wait a minute, did he say he was a wolf??
Well, I've been reading fairytales since I was just a lad
And when a wolf shows up in one, the wolf is big and bad
So if this guy's a big, bad wolf and if those tales are right
Then I should scram on outta here...or he'll eat me in one bite... He's the big, bad wolf!
You're in Fairytale Village!
I'm in the worst place yet!
You're in Fairytale Village!
He thinks I'm food, I bet!
You're in Fairytale Village!
I'm in a major jam!
You're in Fairytale Village!
Looks like I'd better scram!

You're in Fairytale Village [Reprise]
This is village that's pretty great, this is a village I like
This is a village with friendly folks and a wolf who fixed my bike
The giant is a smiley guy, the witch is extra sweet
And every person I've met so far...has invited me over to eat
You're in Fairytale Village!
It's one terrific town!
You're in Fairytale Village!
Hope you can stick around!
Our little village has something else, something we really do need
We've got a fairytale paper boy here to bring us the news to read
I'll bring papers to every house, each morning, every day
Please feel free to invite me in...when you see me pass your way
We're in Fairytale Village! We're in a magic town! We're in Fairytale Village! With all our friends around!