That`s My Job, That`s My Job

From "For The Love of Socks!"

Each time the socks come out
I send them down the line
I mark them down and yell real loud
The color and the kind
Tyrone, Uniqua and Pablo:
Foreman Tasha, that's her name
Our leader and our boss
That's my job, that's my job
I call then mark and toss.
When socks get stuck together
They call it static-cling
But I make sure they're pulled apart
Static ain't my thing
Tasha, Tyrone and Uniqua:
Tester Pablo,
that's his name
The guy who tests for static
That's my job, that's my job
The work makes me ecstatic
My job's to find the matches
Because socks should be a pair
Only when they are the same
Are socks okay to wear
Tasha, Uniqua and Pablo:
Tyrone matches socks all day
Matching is his game
That's my job, that's my job
Each pair should be the same
My job is folding each pair tight and snug
I line them up then loop and roll and finish with a tug
Tyrone, Tasha and Pablo:
Man that girl can fold
Her style is oh so bold
Did you see the way she rolled?
Ooh, she sure can fold
Gee whiz, we love our jobs
Each shift's a real delight
And if we didn't have to sleep
We'd probably work all night
Factory workers, yes we are
We make our socks our biz
That's our job, that's our job
The greatest job there is