From "Whodunit"

Whodunit? We’re gonna find out, gonna find out what the mystery’s about
Whodunit? We’ll finally see, finally see who the scoundrel could be
Who stole the jewels and snuck away?
The answer’s at the end of this passageway
This passageway leading who knows where?
One thing I’m sure of, The villain’s in there!
Whodunit? Who’s that evil bloke? That evil bloke in a muffler and a cloak?
Whodunit? Who’s the cad? That thieving cad, who’s mysteriously bad
The nasty, muffled bandit whose footsteps loudly tap,
He’s in this secret hallway, we’ve almost got him trapped
The nasty bandit, the one who likes to lurk
Who took up stealing instead of honest work!
First, the footsteps and the figure in the night
Then the lights went out, and the jewelry got swiped!
And the chase through the garden and the door in the wall
Now we’re apprehending the one who done it all!
Whodunit? We’re gonna reveal, gonna reveal who likes to steal!
Whodunit? We’ll wonder no more! ‘Cause the evil one who done it is right behind this door!