Pip Pip Cheerio!

From the episode "High Tea" and is on the DVD "Polka Palace Party"

(tune: "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight")
(Tasha, Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua)

You and me will have the perfect cup of tea, it will be so divine and the sipping will be fine
We’ll stick our pinkies out, that’s what tea time’s all about
So come and join me, pip pip cheerio!

It sounds rather boring, I’d rather go soaring

Or racing a speedboat out on the open sea

That sounds more like MY cup of tea!

Come on, guys, bet you’ll like it if you try
We’ll have a tea time quest, till we find the very best
Search out the finest tea anywhere on land or sea, so lift your pinky, pip pip cheerio!