Laser Beam Limbo

From the episode "Secret Mission" and is on the DVD "The Snow Fort"

(tune: "Limbo" )
(Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone)

Secret agent limbo team, is gonna beat the laser beam
We will line up single file, and show off our limbo style

It’s Uniqua’s turn to go, she will limbo good and low
Will she make it? Yes, she will, she’s got laser limbo skill!
Pablo and Uniqua:

Now Tyrone is gonna try, he’s a limbo kind of guy
Keep those antlers by the floor as you limbo through the door
Bend down low and keep it loose, secret agent limbo moose
He will beat the laser light, he can do the limbo right!
Tyrone and Uniqua:

Agent Pablo’s going now, Come on, Pablo show us how!
Bend your knees and swing your arms, and don’t set off those alarms
Limbo low and limbo fast, save the limbo best for last
Now we all have past the test, we’re the laser limbo best!