I Quit!

From "Chichen-Itza Pizza"
(Tasha and Uniqua)

That's it! That's it! That's all that I can take
Ever girl has got her limit, this is mine for goodness sake
I've been very, very patient and I've stuck it out all day
But now it's time to call it quits and I'm pleased to have to say...
I quit! And I'm not ashamed to say it!
I quit! And I'd rather not delay it!
I quit! I must say that's its been real!
I quit! Please don't bother with your shpiel! For me, the goings got too tough
And I just don't have the, just don't have the stuff
I say I've had enough, I quit! I quit!
Tasha, where are you going?
But what about the order? We can't disappoint the king!
Wanna bet? Just watch me, I'm done with this whole thing
I quit! I can't do this anymore!
I quit! Back to the pizza store!
I quit! This is now and that was then!
I quit! I'll never go inside a pyramid again!