The Gods of Mount Olympus

From "Match on Mt. Olympus"

Come on, let's go above the clouds to a place that's way up high
Where ancient gods control the world from their thrones up in the sky
I'm not sure that we'll be welcome
Aw, come on, don't be a wimpus
Come on with me and we'll go see...the gods of Mount Olympus
Up above on Mount Olympus is a world all soft and white
Where we'll ask the gods to stop the rain and be back before tonight
I agree it would be better if the sun were out again
So may I suggest an heroic quest
A heroic task
Let's go and ask the gods of Mount Olympus
We should take with us an offering, something that might appease
Cause the gods are often grumpy and they can be hard to please
We could teach them basketball!
Now you're talkin'!
Count me in, my dear companion, you don't have to ask me twice
Let's go and find this Tasha, she might even be nice
It'll be a great adventure playing basketball in the sky
So come on, let's go
Together we'll go
Where the rain don't fall
And the wind don't blow
And they can't say no to some guys from below the clouds of Mount Olympus!
So come with me and we'll go and see the gods of Mount Olympus!